© 2006 Adam Velez

Setting Sail


Gypsen Davey

Language of Flowers*

Maid on the Shore

Down in the Valley so Shady*

Tae the Weavers

There is a Lass*

Hang Yer Head O'er the Side*

Shule Agra

Bonnie Laddie

Gallent Murray

Soldier Boy

A Friend Like You*

Do You Love an Apple

Hielan Sodger

Saltpetre Shanty

* Original Songs Written by Adam Velez

Live at Stronghold


Tourdion/Gypsen Davey

Jamie Raeburn's Farewell

Last May a Braw Wooer

Liverpool Judies

Maid on the Shore


Luce Brothers

Twa Brothers

Hielan Sodger

Witch of the Westmorland

Saltpetre Shanty

Sail Away

All tracks recorded live during the Stronghold Benefit Concerts for 1998, 1999 & 2000

Adam and Chris, with their fine voices and proficiency on an array of instruments, bring alive an eclectic selection of traditional songs from the British Isles and France - from Celtic favorites and Child ballads to rolling sea and soldier songs.  Tourdion also pays tribute to several modern writers, including their own arrangements of songs by Archie Fisher, Andy M. Stewart, Christie Moore & Stan Rogers.  They've a voice of their own, too; added to the mix is a growing collection of original songs penned by Adam.

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