© 2002 Adam Velez

     Founded in 1997, the musical group Tourdion has quickly established itself as a favorite among renaissance faire goers in the Midwest, including being voted "Best New Act of 1998" by the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  Based in Illinois, the diversely talented duo of Adam Velez and Chris Vail perform seasonally at the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin, and have also appeared at the Renaissance Faire of the Midlands in Iowa, Stronghold, and a variety of coffee shops, folk clubs and pubs throughout the area.

     Adam and Chris, with their fine voices and proficiency on an array of instruments, bring alive an eclectic selection of traditional songs from the British Isles and France - from Celtic favorites and Child ballads to rolling sea and soldier songs.  Tourdion also pays tribute to several modern writers, including their own arrangements of songs by Archie Fisher, Andy M. Stewart, Christie Moore & Stan Rogers.  They've a voice of their own, too; added to the mix is a growing collection of original songs penned by Adam, such as one of their most requested pieces, Down in the Valley so Shady, a song dealing with the circle of life from a very striking point of view.

     Before Tourdion, Chris performed with her own vocal group, A Cappella Incorporated, and as a madrigal singer at the Bristol Faire.  Adam has performed as a soloist, studio musician, and as a sideman for many Chicago area folk/Irish groups.  Meeting at Bristol, the pair befriended quickly, and realized that they shared similar musical goals.  In short work, Adam coined the name Tourdion from the French dance tune, and off they went.

     The only way to truly understand and appreciate these performers' diverse talents is to hear them for yourself.  Tourdion's blend of old and new, serious and satire, is sure to put a smile in your ears.